Time Travel Through Music

July 19, 2014

They say that time machine does not exist, but I say it does. Music is my portable little time machine. Magically, it allows me to swiftly go back in time and relive past experiences in my mind; all I need
is a mobile phone and headphones.

 Not too long ago, I was listening to Craig David’s album Born To Do It, which was released in the year 2000. At the time I was a careless little girl-who probably didn’t even comprehend the meaning of the songs- but I remember the events that took place in that point in time very vividly whilst listening to this album. I cherish those memories.
 Nowadays, whenever I happen to be listening to a popular song- i.e Sia- Chandelier- I am aware that I’ll be able to live through today sometime in the future by simply pressing the play button on my phone.

As a music lover, I had decided to invest in a pair of good-quality headphones. As much as I love listening to the music without headphones on, I can’t  bother my roommates too much with loud music-definitely don’t want to be that kind of a roommate. Hence, I was in a desperate need of a new pair of headphones.

When I was doing my research, I found most of them to be rather unattractive and boyish, especially the Beats by Dr.Drealthough they’re considered to be among the best on the market, I’ve heard that they were rather uncomfortable. Luckily, I’ve found a good match Frends Taylor Headphones that looked stylish and, most importantly, were discount priced on the Nordstrom website, thanks to there Anniversary Sale* ($133.90).

I am so happy with the purchase. It seems like they’re well-crafted, high quality headphones that are both comfortable fitting on the ears and, as I mentioned earlier, are very stylish-rose gold plates are so cute. The sound quality is superb and, again, compared to the Apple EarPods (unfortunately, I can’t compare to other on-ear headphones) and includes a sound isolating feature, which is great, especially if you live in an apartment. Moreover, these headphones can be folded to fit into a mini-protective bag that comes in the packaging to save up some space in your handbag-as we all carry a lot of unnecessary stuff in our bags, it’s a great addition.  I believe it was a good investment, and I expect these headphones to last me for a long time.

More information on Frends Taylor Headphones:

 Features a handcrafted faceted metal ear cup, genuine leather band and ear cushion, soft fabric cord, three button inline controller with mic, memory foam ear cushions, 40mm driver with full spectrum sound quality, and a zippered carrying case.

  • Rose gold plate over-ear headphones 
  • Handcrafted faceted metal ear cup
  • Sound isolating
  • Genuine leather band and ear cushion
  • Soft fabric cord
  • Three button inline controller with mic
  • Memory foam ear cushion
  • 40mm driver with full spectrum sound
  • Zipped carrying case
*Nordstrom Anniversary Sale from July 18th-August 4th.